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Minuteman Security Systems

Minuteman Security Systems
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The Challenge

Rebrand as a modern security company to generate more business while staying true to its mission.

Minuteman Security Systems is an Orange County home and commercial security company that has been serving and protecting the people of Southern California for over 30 years. Their small and dedicated team keep their clients safe with 24-hour monitoring and top-of-the-line technology.
When Right Left Agency got involved with Minuteman Security Systems, they had an outdated website and branding that didn’t represent who they are as a company. Our goal was to give them a website to be proud of that would lead to more business over time.
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The most obvious place to start was with their logo.
Their logo was dated so to refresh it we got our design team to completely rethink it, creating a memorable but minimalistic icon that stands out. We also set out new brand guidelines

Website Rebuild

Minuteman’s website was mostly text-based with few images that needed to be modernized. What a great opportunity!
Our web development and design team did a fantastic job developing an entirely new site based on the updated branding. More images, colour, benefit-led messaging, social proof, and skimmable content led to a much better user experience.

Content Development

We didn’t stop there. We were also tasked with improving Minuteman’s search engine optimization.
We did this by writing lots of website content targeting relevant keywords and ensuring all relevant technical SEO optimizations were implemented that included metadata, al text, site speed, and ensuring the website was mobile-friendly. In addition, we branded two commercial videos to highlight the Minuteman Security technology.
Minuteman Security Systems

The Results

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Client Testimonial

Right Left Agency has been an integral partner in the growth and success of Pink Dust Cosmetics. Through rigorous ongoing testing, data-driven strategies and evolving creative, they have helped us nearly triple our sales over the past year. Their team is extremely accessible, great to work with and a valuable thought partner in all areas of the business.

Erin Gibbons