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About Us

At Right Left Agency, we optimize return on investment for our clients through a unique combination of warm, fuzzy creativity and cold, hard data analysis.

We work efficiently and offer total transparency to our clients. Everything we do is backed by data and tailored to your campaign goals. Your success is our obsession.

Our mission is to clearly communicate your brand value to your desired audience to attract new business and generate great results.

Our Marketing Geeks

Meet our team of passionate, creative, analytical marketing experts:

    ALEX JEWETT Founder & CEO

    I oversee all campaigns and ensure the highest possible levels of performance and client satisfaction.

    Right-minded: I love to paint, and one of my favorite weekend activities is taking a set of acrylics and a canvas down to Laguna Beach.

    Left-brained: My favorite analytical hobby is playing puzzle games like crosswords, Scrabble, and checkers with my Dad.

    LAYLA LAMEIJER Advertising Director

    I manage client satisfaction and set benchmarks to ensure we are hitting campaign goals. My specialties are pay-per-click advertising and conversion optimization.

    Right-minded: Ever since I can remember, I have doodled tattoo and logo concepts all over my notebooks; it helps me stay focused!

    Left-brained: I love playing strategic games like Settlers of Catan. It’s exciting to try to think ahead and beat people to the win.


    I am responsible for website development, creating PPC campaigns, email marketing, and SEO implementation.

    Right-minded: I love to cook and come up with new ways to make delicious new recipes.

    Left-brained: One of my favorite hobbies is playing board games, which is very strategic and competitive!

  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly Account Manager

    I oversee client account performance and projects, and provide strategic direction on content marketing campaigns.

    Right-minded: I have a passion for music and in my spare time I help produce content for various music artists.

    Left Minded: I am an avid fantasy sports player; I love looking at the numbers and predicting which players are going to have the best seasons.

  • Alexis Taylor
    Alexis Taylor Marketing Copywriter

    I am responsible for all writing and editing endeavors, creating and refining content for our clients.

    Right-minded: Writing, of course! I spend a lot of time reading and dabble in graphic design.

    Left-brained: As a seasoned social scientist, I’ve conducted and analyzed consumer research for several Fortune 500 companies, in addition to my own personal experiments. I love digging for hidden information.


  • "Right Left Agency is a highly talented lead generation organization, with a team of direct-response marketing experts. I have worked with the team on several campaigns across various industries and marketing platforms, and have seen great results."

    Justin Bray
    Justin Bray CEO, Adzedia
  • "They have a tremendous eye for detail and strategy. Every element of web design and content they provide has a purpose and human quality. [Right Left Agency] has a clear understanding of my audience and my brand."

    Larry Greene
    Larry Greene Chairperson, Vistage International
  • "[Right Left Agency] is extremely customer-oriented and easy to work with on any project, particularly on digital marketing. I am happy to recommend the agency with no reservations."

    Bill Ellermeyer
    Bill Ellermeyer CEO, Ellermeyer Connect
  • "Right Left Agency’s campaigns are generating high-quality leads for us at a fraction of the industry-average cost."

    Santiago Campa
    Santiago Campa Owner at Donut Bar
  • "Right Left Agency gave our brand a voice that resonated with our target audience. For the first time, we are seeing leads and return on investment from social media."

    Michael McCurdy
    Michael McCurdy Marketing Director at Balboa Horizons

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