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Our Mission

We’re a remote, woman-owned digital marketing agency obsessed with delivering scale, impact and flexibility for our clients – all without the fluff, meaningless numbers, and higher costs of a big agency.

Remote Team From All Over The World

Meet Your In-House Marketing Team!

Alex founded RLA after years of experience as the Ecomm Director for a fashion brand and the Marketing Director for an ad agency. She is an expert at small-business growth strategy, both for lead gen and ecomm campaigns. At Right Left, she sets high-level account strategy and heads up agency partnerships. In her free time, Alex loves painting and traveling with family.
Courtney makes sure the Right Left Agency team has the right tools and resources to create beautiful and effective marketing campaigns for their clients. She has managed successful multi-million dollar campaigns as well as built brands from the ground up. Outside of the agency, Courtney loves live music, hiking with her dog, and road tripping.
Cami Ferreol
Cami is a visual storyteller. She uses her years of experience in both digital strategy and visual design to build cohesive brand identities, to consult companies on their creative strategy, and to conceptualize fun, unique creative assets. At Right Left, she leads the amazing creative team and spearheads all design projects. She’s a big fan of pasta, psychological thrillers, and musicals!
Richard Muskett
Richard oversees all paid advertising at the agency including Facebook, Instagram, Tikok, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter and Google. He is well-versed in Ecommerce, Lead Generation and SAAS, with years’ worth of experience. In his spare time, he likes hanging with his kids, playing rugby and surfing.

Camila thrives on building strong client relationships, delivering stellar outcomes, and working collaboratively with teams. She is passionate about developing impactful social strategies, but you’ll also find her exploring the world, embracing cultures, and doting on Elio y Zeus as their proud dog mom.

Ryan has self-developed in the marketing space in the last few years, working & growing with like minded people. He is an expert at delivering ROI for clients and managing expectations to the best possible outcome. Ryan enjoys being with his family in nature, going for long hikes and wrestling with his 2 young boys.
Enes is the Account Director at RLA. He brings over a decade of marketing experience to the team, and loves helping brands achieve their full potential! A Colorado native, Enes has a passion for travel and being in the outdoors with his wife Wes, who also works at Right Left! He holds degrees from Colorado State, Cornell, and Purdue universities.

Gold, a media buyer and mastermind in paid social, drives growth on Facebook & TikTok. His role as a growth strategist for e-commerce brands allows him to develop innovative strategies that increase visibility and contribute to the bottom line. In his free time, he enjoys reading novels and comics.

Fazle Rabbi
Fazle is an extraordinary web developer. He brings over a decade of web experience to the team, and loves helping clients get their web solutions! At Right Left, he leads the talented tech team and spearheads all development projects. In his spare time, he likes hanging out with his kids and playing football and cricket.
Md Morshadun Nur

Nur is a polyglot web developer proficient in PHP, JavaScript, Shopify, and WordPress. He mastered these languages and frameworks to craft dynamic and scalable web solutions. At Right Left, he provides dev support on Shopify ecommerce solutions and web development projects. In his free time, he loves traveling, playing football, and riding his bike.

Yash Kolnedi
Yash has expertise in managing the end to end aspects of Google Ads campaigns, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. His vast experience in Google ads works to increase ROAS and decrease CPA for ecomm brands and lead gen clients. Outside of work, he loves analyzing the stock market and fundamentals of equities, and going on road trips with family & friends.
Weslie Finnerty
Wes specializes in boosting revenue through website campaigns, email marketing, and SMS, including building creatives, strategizing, and optimizing. She’s skilled in customer service and anticipating the needs of our clients and their customers. She’s passionate about exploring, and has been traveling the world full-time for over 3 years!
Ana Marin
Ana helps tell a brand’s story by coming up with clean, appealing, and beautiful designs across both web and print media. She enjoys taking on new and challenging projects that push her to grow in the ever-changing field of graphic design. Her background in Psychology also helps her design in a more human-centered approach. When she’s away from work, she likes to spend as much time as possible with her family.
Leida makes clients’ complex ideas more accessible by turning them into visually appealing designs that creatively market their company or products. She has been working in print design for years and expanding her skills in website design. She loves seafood, all things spicy, getting tan at the beach, and 80’s/90’s women bands.
Jacob is a recovering Certified Public Accountant. He loves learning new things and creative problem-solving. Digital marketing allows him to do both those things while also helping clients grow their businesses. He can usually be found scuba diving or surfing in Southeast Asia.
Hazel is an Industrial Engineer turned Facebook Media Buyer. She helps businesses grow revenue and generate leads using paid advertising. At RLA, she manages and monitors Facebook ad campaigns for various client accounts.
Cha is a media buyer with a knack for lead generation. At RLA, she monitors ad campaigns and drives conversions for clients. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her starting her day with cuddles from her beloved pets, or hitting the gym to recharge. Interestingly, while Cha has a deep-rooted love for chemical engineering, she stumbled upon another passion along her journey – media buying.
Cyril Duguil

Cyril is a self-taught video editor and motion graphics animator. He loves to learn and be inspired by new video styles to enhance his skills and to, ultimately, bring clients’ ideas to life. In his free time, he plays music. (Fun fact: he can play 8 instruments!)

Marvin Meneses

Marvin is a seasoned Systems Administrator with years of experience in different technologies. At the agency, he’s responsible for making sure that internal tasks and communications are addressed timely. He loves to learn new things, leading him to take on the fun and challenging roles. Outside RLA, he’s either busy being a dad or just outdoors riding his mountain bike.