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Our Mission

We create freedom for our clients and ourselves. We are your remote, in-house marketing department. The flexibility and experience of our team allows us to provide a dedicated marketing force for any business big or small.

Get the value of a big agency without the bulk and never-ending delays.

Meet Your New Team

Alex Jewett

Founder & CEO
Alex oversees all campaigns and ensure the highest possible levels of performance and client satisfaction.

Courtney Wasserburger

Courtney oversees all client accounts and projects. She loves the great outdoors and her dog!

Enes Ozekin

Account Director
Enes has seven years of marketing experience under his belt. He is passionate about two things: analytics and travel. When he's not busy breaking down each and every detail of his ad campaigns, he enjoys playing ukulele and exploring new places.
Cami - Headshot

Cami Ferreol

Creative Strategy Lead
Cami is a digital creative with a knack for good visual storytelling. She manages the creative team at Right Left and has years of experience as a digital strategist and visual designer. She has a proven track record working with eCommerce brands and her passion lies in orchestrating content, narrative and creative that feed into lasting brand experiences.

Robyn Cornish

Account Manager
Robyn's background in social impact ventures and creative businesses informs her systems-focused approach to marketing. Deeply curious about the "why" behind the "what", she excels in setting contextually informed strategies that are powered by unique and fun creative assets. When not at the laptop, Robyn can be found Scuba diving somewhere far-flung.
Weslie Finnerty

Weslie Finnerty

Social Media Manager
Weslie has been traveling the world full-time for many years now, all the while lending her social media expertise to businesses who want to grow their online presence. At Right Left Agency, she helps clients with social media management, content development, and influencer outreach. In her free time, she enjoys travel and photography.

Fazle Rabbi

Web Developer
Fazle is an extraordinary web developer. He puts his brain to work designing conversation-focused landing pages. When he is not reading blogs, he loves to play with kids.

Ana Martin

Graphic Designer
Ana helps tell a brand’s story by coming up with clean, appealing, and beautiful designs across both web and print media. She loves spending time with family and watching home improvement vlogs!
Aimee Vondrak

Aimee Vondrak

Project Manager
Aimee is passionate about connecting clients to their audience in the most friendly, creative, and expedient ways possible. She enjoys quality time with her dog, making art, and staying active through running and Barre3!

Tiara Headen

Project Manager
Tiara comes from the world of luxury. Her career has been focused in luxury apparel and fine jewelry. She is passionate about helping brands crystalize their "why" and connecting with their audience on a deeper level in an effort to cultivate communities built on authentic connections.

Juveria Fatima

Project Manager
Juveria is a marketing maven who has about 3 years of digital marketing experience, got her Scrum Master certification, and is currently working on her MBA in Project Management. Outside of her constant learning, she recently got married and is living it up in Cali!
Richard Muskett

Richard Muskett

Facebook Ads Specialist
Richard has been honing his expertise in the Facebook Ads platform for years across hundreds of different campaigns. He is an expert in both lead generation and ecommerce campaigns. At Right Left Agency, he oversees all Facebook Ads setup, management, and optimization.
Yash Kolnedi

Yash Kolnedi

Google Ads Specialist
Yash is an expert in Google Ads campaign management and also has a knowledge of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. He loves analyzing the stock market and fundamentals of equities. He also enjoys traveling and road trips with family and friends.

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