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How To Market Your Fine Jewelry Business Online

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The Future of Fine Jewelry is eCommerce 

Shopping online has become the new normal this past year. Even as showrooms re-open, it is clear that online shopping is here to stay! All fine jewelry businesses can benefit from having a well-developed digital marketing strategy. At Right Left Agency, we have learned a lot from our experience working with many fine jewelry businesses to sell their products online. 

Purchasing a fine jewelry piece is a unique moment of investment, commemoration, and self-expression. Therefore, your business’s marketing strategy needs to be developed with extra care. Whether your jewelry brand is digitally native or is expanding its brick and mortar offerings to reach more people, we have some steps you can take to make the most return on your marketing investments.

1. Start With A Shoppable Website

Shoppable website
Our Client, Don Victor Jewelers, Has full shopability as well as ways to view products at their two showrooms!

Your website is your business’s digital storefront! Even if your business’s bread and butter is your brick-and-mortar location, you need a welcoming and updated website that showcases your products beautifully if you are advertising online. Here are some must-haves for your fine jewelry website:

High-Quality Images – A fine piece of jewelry is an investment, so showcasing its quality and style with beautiful and crisp images is a must online. The best types of images showcase your jewelry on a model so customers can better visualize the scale and style of a piece. These images also offer styling suggestions!

Your Brand’s Story and personality – With a product as sentimental and special as jewelry, people love to invest in pieces that have a larger story behind them. Showcase your brand’s story on your site, and develop your brand’s personality to fit your customer base.

Shopability – Never miss out on the opportunity to make a sale! Even if your marketing strategy aims to bring people into your showroom, having a shoppable website establishes trust and authority. Our Client, Don Victor, is fully set up for selling online so customers who are ready to buy can make a purchase ASAP. Look for ways to make shopping as easy as possible for those in a shopping mood by offering search filters and seamless payment processing. 

2. Use Visual Ad Platforms like Facebook and Instagram

Jewelry Business Online
Our Client, Jewels By Joanne, uses beautiful photos to put their products in context.

The best mediums for marketing a visual product are visual platforms! Facebook and, by extension, Instagram are excellent for marketing products like jewelry because customers can see your pieces in action! Furthermore, when people are on social media, they tend to be more receptive to marketing than trying to get stuff done while browsing the internet. 

Here are some strategies that give excellent results when using Facebook and Instagram Ads to sell your fine jewelry:

Use Carousel Ads – Carousel ads are perfect for selling jewelry and apparel because you can use them for marketing to a range of tastes. Select several styles you think the audience will like, add a punchy “Shop Now” call to action, and let your customers browse your products!

Carousel Add

Lookalike audiences – Facebook offers a versatile tool called “Lookalike Audiences” that allows you to target people similar to those who already love your product! If your brand has a base of top spenders, you can send this list to Facebook to analyze their commonalities and sell to people who are just like them in terms of behavior and interest.

Target Life Events – Everyone has their own set of personal holidays like birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, and pregnancies! Help them find gifts for loved ones (or themselves!) by approaching them early with your marketing message to remind them of the special occasion coming up and suggest that a fine piece of jewelry is in order. 

Facebook offers highly sophisticated targeting options. The first step is to have many clearly defined customer profiles to hone your marketing message to fit the audience.

3. Create Customer Profiles

Bridal Jewelry
The Bridal customer is a core customer segment for Jewelers, so catering to them specifically is important

Unlike “traditional” marketing, digital marketing allows you to tailor your message based on who sees it by creating customer profiles. Instead of targeting your entire target market with a one-size-fits-all message, divide your customer base into smaller groups that share characteristics for a better return on investment.

Here are some critical characteristics to consider when dividing your customer base into smaller audiences:

Age and Gender – Even if your brand sells jewelry that is perfect for women and men of all ages, splitting up this audience into more manageable profiles can have a big impact on ROI. Consider how different a 20-year-old woman is from a 50-year-old woman in terms of taste and life stage. Targeting these women with different messages that feel personal, you will have better conversions!

Stage in the Marketing Funnel – From the first moment a new customer becomes aware of your brand, they are in your marketing funnel. From awareness to interest, to conversion, and to loyalty there are ways to adjust and hone your marketing message to fit each scenario. Read more about the marketing funnel here.

Holidays – Your target market expands greatly to include friends and family on gift-giving holidays. Spouses, parents, and adult children can all be targeted depending on the holiday in question. Make ads for these individuals that specifically call out the holiday and how your gift will make the recipient feel. In Facebook Ads, you can even target customers who have an anniversary coming up!

Income – As a luxury item, you should consider the degree to which income impacts people’s receptiveness to your product. Targeting based on income can be tricky as Facebook and Google don’t have access to that kind of information. A great workaround is to target customers based on their zip code, job title, or interests to target the right income.

Customer profiles are great for Facebook and Instagram ad targeting, but the advantages don’t stop there. A robust digital marketing strategy uses customer profiles to customize :

Email marketing – Email marketing is very versatile and tailored to fit each customer for maximum value. Whether it’s a Valentine’s day reminder, a remarketing email, or a post-purchase drip campaign, your options are limitless when it comes to email marketing

Landing Pages – When your customer clicks a link on your ad, where does it lead them? An ad or email with an anniversary message should lead to a similarly themed landing page featuring anniversary-themed products.

Our Expertise Comes From Experience

Right Left Agency has worked with several fine jewelry brands to sell a variety of products. Our expertise comes from experience. If you’re interested in executing any of the ideas we highlighted above, let us know, and we would be happy to talk about your digital marketing strategy.