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Case Study


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The Challenge

Launching a new website and building brand awareness

ReSupply makes it easier to donate unwanted goods. They support a network of charities and nonprofits nationwide to resupply their stores with clothes, furniture, and household goods directly from donors in their communities
ReSupply came to us wanting to increase the number of scheduled pickups and improve their brand image. We started by building a Google Ads campaign to introduce their service to a national audience. We then looked at their checkout funnel and redesigned the flow and screens so they were optimized for conversions. Finally, we built them a simple but powerful website for their DTC customers and their Lead Generation Charity Partners.

Website Rebuild

Our next big phase was the website redesign.
We started by distilling their brand messaging, USPs, and imagery into a coherent framework, and then planned what the website information architecture would look like to ensure a positive user experience.

After the planning and research phase was complete, we built a new 4-page website on WordPress and set up Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager tracking metrics
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Google Ads

We started by launching a series of responsive search ads.
These ads dynamically changed to include the searcher’s queries in the headline of the ad, making the ad hyper-relevant.

We cast a wide net of search terms related to donations, furniture, and recycling, and began to see which terms converted into pickups scheduled

We also launched a branded campaign associating recycling and furniture donations with the “ReSupply” brand.

Conversion Optimization

Our next challenge was improving the conversion rate of their checkout flow.
We managed to reduce the flow from seven steps to four. And we made sure the checkout funnel was aligned with ReSupply’s branding. Last but not least, we made sure the checkout funnel was mobile-responsive.


Google Ads

completion rate of pickups scheduled from Google Ads
+ 0 %
click-through rate
+ 0 %

Paid Search

Brought website visitors with highest engagement rate at
+ 0 %
average ROAS
+ 0 %

Client Testimonial

“Working with the Right Left Agency has really helped accelerate our growth over the past year. They’ve taken a consultative approach to help us prioritize and properly sequence the right opportunities, which is key for an emerging company like us that has to pivot and adjust our strategy often. Whether it’s analyzing funnel metrics or creative design projects, they’ve got a talented team to help you reach your goals.”

Chris Macnamara

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