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Case Study


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The Challenge

Boosting brand awareness and increasing the number of leads

Privva is an award-winning, cloud-based vendor risk assessment platform that delivers value for a diverse customer base across many industries, including legal, financial services technology, healthcare, education and media.
Privva needed help getting more leads from their paid ads. We started by rebuilding their Google Ads campaigns to scale their company, before taking over their content marketing, SEO, and email marketing campaigns.

Satisfied with the work we were doing, Privva asked us to become their fractional (or outsourced) CMO where we took the lead on planning and executing their marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Privva’s website was missing crucial meta data, and they weren’t publishing enough content.

We came in and started posting high-quality, long-form articles once a week, which was great for establishing credibility and trust. We also updated every single page on their website with the correct keywords, meta data and everything in between to help build up their domain authority and get more organic traffic to their site. The results? We helped Privva increase their site sessions by 81%.

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Email Marketing

Email was not top of mind for Privva.
We put together a comprehensive email marketing strategy that included a monthly newsletter highlighting all the recent articles we’d been publishing, as well as regular email updates about events and occasional sales emails. We helped boost attendance for events and stayed top-of-mind for customers and prospects with the monthly newsletter.
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Privva handed over the keys and entrusted us with their marketing strategy.
After seeing great results across PPC, SEO and email marketing, Privva quickly realized it would be best if we took over as their fractional CMO. It meant Privva’s executive team could focus on running the company while we focused on what we do best: marketing strategy. Once given the scope, we were able to think more comprehensively about their marketing strategy, trying and testing various channels including LinkedIn advertising, PR, and social media, all with the ultimate goal of building a strong brand and getting more leads for Privva.



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Google Ads

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Email Marketing

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Client Testimonial

Right Left Agency has been an integral partner in the growth and success of Pink Dust Cosmetics. Through rigorous ongoing testing, data-driven strategies and evolving creative, they have helped us nearly triple our sales over the past year. Their team is extremely accessible, great to work with and a valuable thought partner in all areas of the business.

Erin Gibbons