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Case Study

Pink Dust Cosmetics.

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The Challenge

Scaling the ecommerce at a profitable ROAS while maintaining brand integrity.

Pink Dust Cosmetics is a high-end cosmetics brand based out of Orange County. Before starting with Right Left Agency, they were generating most of their sales through organic social media.

We started with a full website rebuild and then focused on building their Facebook ad campaigns to scale the company to new heights. We eventually took over their organic social media, email marketing, and more as we moved into a CMO role with the brand.

Website Rebuild

We saw incredible potential in the Pink Dust Cosmetics website.
After extensive competitor research and brand identification, we built a new Shopify website that not only increased average order size and conversion rate, but reflected Pink Dust Cosmetics as a brand and allowed the company to scale.
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Facebook Ads

We capitalized on the amazing social engagement that Pink Dust Cosmetics already had.

By testing new audiences alongside retargeting campaigns, we were able to scale ad spend 3-fold within one quarter, while maintaining or exceeding an average of 3.5x Return on Ad Spend.
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Social Media Management

Pink Dust Cosmetics grew their initial brand on social media and had excellent fans and engagement, but they were lacking consistency and growth.

We began tracking engagement and started focusing on the kind of content that the community was responding to. We used a mix of best practices and trends to develop a monthly calendar and began a regular posting cadence. We not only grew the following and the engagement rate, but we also saw sales from social media grow month over month.
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Email Marketing

Prior to Right Left Agency, Pink Dust Cosmetics was sending emails out sporadically.

The emails were making sales, but they weren’t keeping the audience engaged. We started with their Welcome and Abandoned Cart flows and then started sending 4-6 emails/month that were designed to look more on-brand. We saw the email list grow by 76% in less than 2 years, the audience become more engaged, and the sales increased by 5x, making it one of Pink Dust’s most consistent and cost-effective sales channels.

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Conversion Rate
+ 0 %
Cart Size
+ 0 %

Facebook Ads

Average ROAS for
4 years running


Monthly Revenue from
. Email Marketing
+ 0 %

Client Testimonial

Right Left Agency has been an integral partner in the growth and success of Pink Dust Cosmetics. Through rigorous ongoing testing, data-driven strategies and evolving creative, they have helped us nearly triple our sales over the past year. Their team is extremely accessible, great to work with and a valuable thought partner in all areas of the business.

Erin Gibbons