Odyssey Power

The Brief

Odyssey Power specializes in all aspects of the design, installation and maintenance of critical power systems. Their comprehensive range of services and products includes uninterruptible power supply (UPS) installation, emergency generators, preventative maintenance, battery backup, and monitoring.

When we got started with Odyssey Power, they had an outdated website and and no history of advertising. After a full website redesign, SEO, and Google Ad and Bing Ad implementation, we brought Odyssey Power to the next level and began consistently generating quality leads that convert. 

The Details

Odyssey Power Website

Website Build

We started by rebuilding the Odyssey Power website to be more modern and organized. 

By combining an eye-catching design with updated messaging, we created a website that communicates Odyssey Power’s value propositions and establishes credibility in the industry. 


We completed extensive keyword research, wrote all content for the website, and deployed a long-term SEO strategy. While building the website, we implemented best practices with metadata, tagging, and image optimization. 

By adding fresh content to the site every week, we increased organic traffic month-over-month. 

Search Advertising

Search Advertising

We created several service-specific and conversion-optimized landing pages to use with our search campaigns. We set up both call and form tracking to ensure all sales could be attributed back to the originating campaign.

We completed competitor and keyword research to help inform our initial strategy. We consistently improved the strategy with daily and weekly optimizations. 

The Result first 8 months

Before Right Left Agency got involved, Odyssey Power wasn’t tracking where their leads were coming from or what their quality looked like. Now, we can track return on ad spend and effectively optimize for high-value leads.

+ 1 %
Organic Traffic
+ 1 %
Increase in CTR
- 1 %
Cost per Lead Over First 6 months

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