Larry Greene

The Brief

Larry Greene is a Transformational Executive Coach & Vistage Chair. Vistage is an executive coaching organization that provides leadership training and business coaching to CEOs and executives to help them grow their businesses. We worked with Larry to develop his brand, build his new website, and conduct an email marketing campaign to local CEOs.


Prior to working with Right Left Agency, Larry filled his Executive Coaching groups through word of mouth and referrals from the Vistage International website. This sales process was long and tedious. Larry approached Right Left Agency because he wanted to redesign his brand identity, streamline his lead funnel, and attract top talent to his groups.

After completing a comprehensive audit of Larry’s existing online brand, we helped Larry clearly define his differentiating values and mission. We developed a lead generation plan to nurture high-quality leads for his new and existing Vistage Executive Coaching groups.

The Result

1 %
Open Rate
+ 1 %
New Leads

After Larry’s mission was defined, we set out to develop brand guidelines and a mobile-responsive website. Here are some of the services Right Left Agency deployed to help Larry streamline his messaging and deliver brand consistency:

Once everything was consistent across all online channels, we began lead outreach. Email Marketing was our primary marketing channel, and we used conversational language and simple templates to create a personal connection with leads. We supported the campaign with social marketing content and remarketing ads to leads who visited his new website.

Client Testimonial

"Right left agency had a tremendous eye for detail and strategy. Every element of web design and content provided a purpose and human quality. They had a clear understanding of my audience and my brand. They fully understand how to utilize multiple avenues of social media as highly effective marketing tools. I would highly recommend right left agency as a valuable asset to any business."
Larry Greene

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