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Case Study

L/C Magnetics

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The Challenge

Scale ad spend while increasing ROAS

L/C Magnetics is a manufacturer of technological components including transformers and inductors. They have been in business since 1991 and specialize in custom-designed products.
When Right Left Agency got involved in 2016, L/C Magnetics was looking to grow its online sales and compete with the big players in the industry. They were running Adwords campaigns but were unsure what their real ROI was wanted to scale their ad spend profitably.
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The main reason L/C Magnetics didn’t know their true ROI was because of an absence of tracking and data.
We started by installing conversion pixels on the website to measure the number of online quote requests, added call tracking to track telephone quote requests, and set up a lead tracking system with the owner to track the quality of leads and conversion of quote requests into sales. This all helped to build a more complete picture of the customer journey.

Online Advertising

We developed conversion-optimized landing pages for all the top products on the website.
Each landing page contained product-specific keywords to improve quality scores on Google Ads and Bing. We also rebuilt their search campaigns on Google Ads and built new campaigns on Google and Bing to be hyper-specific to each product offering.
Landing Page Development - LC Magnetics


Another area we identified that could be improved was their retargeting efforts for users who didn’t convert on-site the first time.
We resolved this by implementing Google Display remarketing ads to display ads to users who visited the site but did not submit a request for a quote.



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Client Testimonial

The Right Left Agency team is highly responsive and focused on results. They have vastly improved our online campaigns and we finally have measurable and profitable outcomes. I highly recommend them.

Zak Bhaijee