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Case Study

Don Victor Jewelers

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The Challenge

Improve local visibility and drive more customers in-store

Don Victor Jewelers is a small, family-owned jewelry shop with two locations in the Coachella Valley.
In March 2021, they came to us for help with local marketing and driving in-store sales via online advertising channels on Meta and Google. Additionally, they wanted to open up their sales to the eCommerce world, and tasked us with building them a new website.

Website Rebuild

Don Victor wanted to move to a new platform to initiate eCommerce efforts and sell jewelry online.
Originally, Don Victor’s website was built in WordPress. Our recommendation was to build their new website in Shopify to provide a much more holistic and robust eCommerce experience.

We transferred and incorporated all of their previous functionalities into the new website. The new website also allows them to expand to a national audience and bolster their overall revenue.
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Facebook Ads

We created multiple levels in the funnel which led to a form.
This allows their staff to contact and sell directly to the customer, providing a much better experience for new leads. Don Victor has an almost even split between males and females in their demographics. A lot of advertising focuses on gaining interest in chains and necklaces, and we help convert them by showing affordable financing options.

Google Ads

On Google, we created an extensive local marketing campaign where we created niche ad groups per the various services and goods the client offered.
For each ad group, we built custom copy that spoke to the readers’ needs and compelled them to either call, click for map directions, or fill out a form on the site which contained a discount code.



Website Conversion Rate
+ 0 %

Facebook & Google Ads:

Combined Average Blended ROAS of 18.6 for Q3, 2022

Average Attributed ROAS of 3.65 since the beginning of our campaign efforts

Facebook Ads:

CTR since the beginning of our campaign efforts
0 %
form fills from potential customers

Google Ads

0 M
conversion rate from people clicking on ads to actually taking action
0 %
Map Directions and Calls directly from our campaigns

Client Testimonial

Right Left Agency has been an integral partner in the growth and success of Pink Dust Cosmetics. Through rigorous ongoing testing, data-driven strategies and evolving creative, they have helped us nearly triple our sales over the past year. Their team is extremely accessible, great to work with and a valuable thought partner in all areas of the business.

Erin Gibbons