Catalina Crunch

The Brief

Catalina Crunch is a keto-friendly cereal and snack brand that is making waves in the health food industry. We started working with Catalina Crunch as they were preparing to launch their first cereal product.

We launched and managed a successful Facebook Ads campaign and eventually helped take their organic social media presence to the next level as well. Our team focused heavily on testing, and within 8 weeks we successfully identified their ideal targeting, messaging, and brand voice.

What We Did

Here are some examples of ad and post content we developed. We determined that a casual, relatable, and fun brand voice resonated best with their ideal customer (who was looking for a healthy indulgence).

Facebook Ad
Catalina Social Media 3
Catalina Social Media 1

The Results

Weeks to meet Client's CPA goal
> 1
Audiences Tested in first 8 months
+ 1 %
Ad Spend Scale Over 4 months while maintaining cpa
+ 1 %
Increase in Social Following in first 8 months

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