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Case Study


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The Challenge

Increase brand awareness and drive more sales via organic and paid social media

Catalina Crunch is a keto-friendly cereal and snack brand that is making waves in the health food industry. We started working with Catalina Crunch as they were preparing to launch their first cereal product.

We launched and managed a successful Facebook Ads campaign and eventually helped take their organic social media presence to the next level as well. Our team focused heavily on testing, and within 8 weeks we successfully identified their ideal targeting, messaging, and brand voice.


They were lacking a coherent brand voice, so we were tasked with developing their brand guidelines.
We started by sending out questionnaires to the founder and doing lots of customer and competitor research before developing a casual, relatable, and fun brand voice that resonated best with their ideal customer (who was looking for a healthy indulgence).
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Online Advertising

The next step was taking over their ad account and delivering successful Facebook ad campaigns.
With a strong brand USP, we were able to build and test lots of creatives targeting a variety of audiences before doubling down on the audiences and creatives that were giving us the highest returns. In just a few months, we were able to significantly increase their performance.

Social Media

It was important for us to ensure that Catalina Crunch had a strong organic social media presence.
Or social media specialist took the reigns delivering a mix of videos, fun graphics, user-generated content, all in their new brand voice guidelines. Today, Catalina Crunch have over 65 thousand followers!


Ad performance

audiences tested in the first 8 months
> 0
ad spend scale over 4 months while maintaining CPA
+ 0 %

Social media

increase in social following in the first 8 months
+ 0 %


weeks to meet the client’s CPA goal

Client Testimonial

Right Left Agency has been an integral partner in the growth and success of Pink Dust Cosmetics. Through rigorous ongoing testing, data-driven strategies and evolving creative, they have helped us nearly triple our sales over the past year. Their team is extremely accessible, great to work with and a valuable thought partner in all areas of the business.

Erin Gibbons