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Case Study


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The Challenge

What did the client come to RLA needing help with? How did RLA help?

Dr. Heather Skeens (founder of the West Virginia Cornea and Cataract Center of Excellence) is a notable ophthalmologist who wanted to develop a scalable brand for a series of high-end wellness clinics with exceptional eye care at the forefront.
We helped Dr. Skeens with a full rebrand, which covered the brand name, visual aesthetic, and tone of voice. We wanted to position the clinic as an approachable, holistic care center and associate the brand with comfortable, luxury, spa-like services rather than sterile medical procedures.
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We wanted to give the practice a more concise and memorable name.
We brainstormed and mind-mapped multiple potential names related to eye care and high-end wellness. We also explored various styles and vibes from approachable/friendly to earthy/balanced to regal/elegant. Some ideas that were in the running were: “Iris Health”, “Occuleau” and “Oasis Eye Spa”. We were also heavily involved with the legal process around trademarking the final brand name— “Bellasee”.
Logo Directions


We aimed to leverage the beloved qualities of Dr. Skeens’ practice while positioning the brand as modern, upscale, and comprehensive.
We conducted extensive competitor research which covered notable spas and wellness centers to understand the style and positioning of similar brands. We created a brand guide which included various brand aspects like the logo mark, logo usage, style of imagery and iconography, even do’s and don’ts when it comes to the copy on the website. It was a perfect first step to a new identity for an already established professional.

Client Testimonial

I love the logo and branding Right Left developed for our franchise. The team was very communicative and easy to work with and I will be doing more projects with them in the future.

Dr. Heather Skeens