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How to Make a Marketing Video That Sells Franchises

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If you just went through the process of franchising your business, or are simply looking to grow your franchise more quickly, a marketing video is a MUST! This has been a critical element of success for our franchise clients. We will discuss two franchise marketing video examples today: Donut Bar, and Pinspiration. Their videos are below:

Donut Bar, the world-famous donut franchise, began offering franchises in 2016 and hired Right Left Agency to spearhead the franchise marketing initiative. Within six months, we generated thousands of applications for franchise ownership resulting in 12 franchise sales.

Pinspiration is an innovative art and crafts studio. Within one year, we generated 7,300 applications for franchise ownership resulting in 32 franchise sales.

Our success working with Donut Bar and Pinspiration resulted in a proven formula for successful franchise marketing videos.

1. Inviting Imagery

Pinspiration's success
By filling the frame with happy, excited people, Pinspiration’s success is apparent.

Your business is booming, so show it! Imagine stepping into your business on a busy day; Customers are everywhere, employees are smiling, and your product is selling! This marketing video is the chance for potential franchisees to experience your flagship location, even if they have never visited in person. 

When filming your business, choosing a time when it is filled with guests. Capture the customers interacting with your employees, yourself, and your product. Pinspiration did an excellent job capturing customer excitement in their video. The entire location feels packed to the brim because happy customers populated every shot!

You can also use imagery to reinforce what is being said in your video to save time. While Donut Bar only briefly mentions their craft beer selection, the attractive visuals of foamy beer do more than enough to get the point across.

2. Customer & Employee Testimonials

This couple is having Donut Bar cater their wedding!
This couple is having Donut Bar cater their wedding!

A good business has happy customers, but a thriving business has happy employees, too! A high-quality marketing video will show testimonials from both. Remember – you are not trying to sell your product; you are trying to sell your business model. So, aspects like employee satisfaction and team culture are important. Just make sure to get written permission from anyone you feature on camera.

For customers, pick a moment when they are feeling high-energy and are excited! Pinspiration decided to interview people the moment they left Pintspiration’s iconic “Splatter Room.” You can see and hear the honesty in their endorsement. An easy way to capture customer excitement is to offer free samples.

Employee testimonials are an equally important element to a franchise marketing video. Your franchisees will be business owners! They need to trust that the transition into management will include positive and proactive staff and management policies. Donut Bar’s employee does an excellent job expressing her satisfaction in serving customers. Showcasing a testimonial from a passionate employee can demonstrate to prospects that your franchise is a fun and smooth-running work environment. 

3. Personal Passion

Pinspiration founder, Brook Roe
Pinspiration founder, Brook Roe, shares a genuine moment on camera.

Your passion is what has driven you to grow your company to the point where franchising is possible! Expressing this passion as a founder in your marketing video will show prospects that your brand is something to believe in and inspire them to want to work with you. 

When developing the script for your franchise marketing video, write from your own point of view rather than an impartial narrator’s perspective. Brooke Roe, the founder of Pinspiration, did an excellent job filling the marketing video with heart. She touched on why her career satisfies her, why customers love her business, and what values an ideal franchisee holds.

Speaking from the heart as a founder doesn’t just help sell a franchise; it also demonstrates to prospects your strength of character. This video is an introduction to you as much as it is an introduction to the company.   

4. Be an Authority

Donut Bar is positioning itself as a market leader
Less than a second into their video, Donut Bar is positioning itself as a market leader.

Franchisees need to trust that their franchisor is an industry expert. Demonstrating your business acumen and is the final element to making a high-impact franchise marketing video. 

Addressing how your business will support its franchisees is an instant trust-winner. Donut Bar’s founder decided to address the concern of franchise overcrowding preemptively. Meanwhile, Pinspiration’s founder refers to her franchisees as her “business partners and family.”  

Another way to position your business as an authority is by celebrating your victories. Donut Bar is frequently featured on travel shows and in food magazines. This publicity was emphasized in their marketing video to make Donut Bar more attractive to prospects. Pinspiration made a subtle but effective decision to incorporate muted clips of their talk show and news appearances into their marketing video.

Our expertise comes from experience.

Right Left Agency has worked with Donut Bar and Pinspiration to realize their franchising goals. Whether you are looking to sell franchises or simply take your marketing strategy to the next level, Right Left Agency can produce a Marketing Video for you that will drive results. Our expertise comes from experience. If you’re interested in executing any of the ideas we highlighted above, let us know, and we would be happy to talk about your digital marketing strategy.