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How To Make A High-Performing Facebook Video Ad

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How to make Facebook Video Ads

For most of our clients, video content outperforms standard image ads, carousels, gifs, and other ad formats. That is, if the video is done right. If you have tried to create video ads for Facebook, you know that it can be difficult to find something that captures the user’s attention and drives action. 

Having managed millions of dollars in video ad spend, we have perfected the formula for a high-performing video. The best part about this formula is that it doesn’t require a big budget. Most of our ads just take a couple of hours to create and utilize low-quality footage, images, text, and graphics. Anyone can create a winning Facebook video ad (really!). 

Here are some things to remember when creating a video that will make it simple and effective.

Authenticity Is More Important Than Quality

The biggest drawback to creating video content for most companies is that it will be expensive to produce. Companies can spend tens of thousands of dollars on high-end video production teams. We are here to tell you that is NOT necessary.

Some of our best-performing videos are simple clips filmed on iPhones. These may include self-video customer video testimonials, videos of the founder, clips of the product, etc. With the right lighting, a smartphone video can look professionally produced! And, if it does have a “homemade feel”, this can often feel more authentic than a professionally-produced video. 

Experiment with different styles of self-filmed content and see what resonates best with your audience.

Make It Punchy

People have a short attention span online. Contrary to popular opinion, this does NOT mean the video has to be short. While short videos usually do perform well, some of our best-performing Facebook videos are 2 minutes or longer. 

It does mean the video should be fast-paced. Avoid staying on one clip for more than a few seconds. Don’t try to pack in too much information — keep the message simple, short, and sweet. 

Music Matters

If the video catches a user’s attention, the first thing the isuer usually does is enable sound in the Facebook feed. The music has to match the mood of the video and should emphasize important aspects of the video for you.

Here is an example of a video we produced. Notice not only how the music is fun, upbeat, kid-friendly, and magical (much like the Donut Shop!) but also how we aligned the clips to the beat of the song. It keeps the viewer interested and emphasizes important images and clips.

Make It Emotional

Too often, companies focus on their products benefits in their videos. This is a waste of the medium of video. One of the benefits of using motion and sound is that you can communicate emotions much more effectively.

Here is an example of a highly successful video we made for our franchise client, Pinspiration. Notice how much of the video is just clips of customers laughing, connecting, creating, and having fun. We list the value propositions of the company, but the main focus is how franchisees will feel running their own business.

You Can Edit It Yourself

We love WeVideo and other easy, online platforms that make video editing easy. No need for expensive software or consultants — simply drag and drop clips, photos, and text into their templates to get started. Here is a video we made on WeVideo for one of our clients that features their main value propositions, testimonials, and shows their credibility – all in about 30 seconds!

Test, test, test!

While video may feel overwhelming, we encourage you to start experimenting! It takes some practice to find what resonates best with your audience. Some different styles to test include:

  1. Self-filmed customer reviews
  2. Slideshows with music and graphics (rather than live video content)
  3. Interviews with the founder
  4. Short videos of product in use
  5. Unboxing videos
  6. “How it Works” videos

We hope this blog was helpful as you explore the exciting world of Facebook Video Marketing!