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How to Create High Converting B2B Landing Pages

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The lead generation landing page is a powerful tool in your digital marketing toolbox. It is a standalone webpage specifically created for a marketing campaign, in which your business provides a resource in exchange for the visitor’s contact information. Because landing pages are so customizable, you can use them to support your marketing activities in any industry that you are in. An optimized landing page will motivate clients to subscribe to your newsletter, download a whitepaper, sign up for a webinar, sell a product or contact sales. Landing pages work, and optimized landing pages can increase your conversion rates by up to 50%.

Here are some tips to best optimize your landing pages for conversions with your B2B (Business to Business) campaigns:

1. Create a Landing Page for Different Campaign Messages

One mistake that we see a lot of businesses make is to send all their ads traffic to the same landing page – whether that be a general page or homepage. Getting clicks just to get clicks will not increase your conversions. Instead, creating targeted ad campaigns that lead to relevant landing pages will be a more effective strategy. You want your landing pages to match your searcher’s intent; or you risk them just bouncing off the page. Whatever your purpose for the landing page is, the Call to Action (CTA) should be very clear.

The buyer should have a consistent experience from ad click to landing page. To create this experience, match your keywords to your ad copy to your landing page. For example, if you are advertising to get more business for your recruiting agency, you would want a different landing page for companies versus people seeking jobs. You might even create a unique landing page for each industry that your business operates in too!

Just think – creating a cohesive journey for your buyer, will not only help your business to get the most use out of your ads, but also optimize your landing page for conversions too!

2. Remove the Navigation Bar

Let’s say you get a potential lead to click on your ad and land on your landing page. But as they are browsing the page, they get distracted by the header navigation on your site and click off to another page. This is not the desired action you want your users to take – which may seem counterintuitive, as they are still on your website. Instead, the purpose of your landing page is to get users to interact with your CTA on the landing page, and then browse the rest of your site after they have completed any forms.

Links in the footer and header menus will only distract users’ attention and potentially prevent them from taking the next step in the buying funnel. Your goal should be to create a seamless experience for your user and keep them on the landing page so that they complete your CTA.

3. Build Trust

As the old adage goes, people do business with people they know, like and trust. B2B lead gen is all about establishing credibility. You want any potential buyers to know that your offer is the real deal.

Your landing page is just another place for you to build your reputability by featuring client testimonials and reviews. Featuring testimonials from some of your highest-profile clients is a great way to optimize for conversions. Adding social proof to your page will give your offering a voice beyond your own. It’s a great opportunity to show real results from real people and create a positive user experience.

Why Your Business Needs Optimized Landing Pages

If you are in a B2B industry, optimized landing pages can make a huge difference to the quality and quantity of leads you get. A lack of overall strategy can stand in the way of effective landing page conversions. That is why it is so critical to clearly identify who your business is trying to target, personalize your landing page content and best set yourself up to capture high quality leads.

Landing pages are essentially pages to initiate conversations and close a deal. If you feel like your business needs help better optimizing (or creating) your landing pages, let us know and we would be happy to talk about your B2B landing page strategy.