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FastFrame is a custom framing franchise with nearly 100 locations across the United States. They were looking to grow their local presence and increase same-store sales via online advertising.

Phase 1: Audit

In the initial phase, we completed a thorough audit of FastFrame’s current brand image. From our research and surveys, we found that framing customers were associating the word “fast” with “cheap” and “low-quality.” However, FastFrame’s main value propositions are quality materials and an excellent service experience. This mismatch between expectations and reality uncovered the need for a rebranding project.

In this audit, we also conducted an internal survey to determine the marketing channels driving the most sales for the locations.

Phase 2: Branding

We worked with the FastFrame team to overhaul the brand, deemphasizing “fast” and creating a high-end look and feel. This comprehensive rebranding project included a logo redesign and a new website.

Logo Redesign

FastFrame’s old logo was red and blue, colors typically associated with bargain brands. The font was italic, which put additional emphasis on the “fast” element. In addition, the logo looked outdated.

We designed the new logo to represent quality, elegance, and modern design. This logo was chosen after developing 120 different logo variations and polling customers and franchisees. We also developed new graphics and brand guidelines to ensure powerful, consistent messaging across all marketing channels.

Old Logo: 

New Logo: 

Website Redesign

FastFrame’s website was outdated and not mobile-responsive. The lack of product and store information resulted in a high bounce rate and a low conversion rate. Their content was not engaging, and their imagery did not speak to their new brand identity. Our goal with the new website was to improve the user experience and help customers find a local store. On the right is the before and after.

Phase 3: Implementation

Below is a list of the primary services we have provided for all FastFrame locations:

  • Local Pay Per Click
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer Database Mailers
  • Social Media

Local PPC

Before Right Left Agency got involved, FastFrame’s search advertising campaigns were experiencing a low click-through rate. In addition, the number of leads generated on the website was not being tracked, so FastFrame was having difficulty making optimization decisions. The results were:

+ 0 %
Click-Through Rate
+ 0 %
Average Ad Position
+ 0 %
Average Ad Position
- 0 %

Local SEO

We optimized the new websites and created and optimized local listings. In just one month, we saw a huge increase in new sessions and time spent on the FastFrame website. We are now working with our partner, Yext, to manage local listings for all locations. Here are some notable metrics from these efforts:

+ 0 %
Average Session Duration
- 0 %
Bounce Rate
+ 0 %

Customer Database Mailer

In Spring 2017, we sent out a customer database mailer announcing the new FastFrame brand. The theme of the mailer was that FastFrame had renewed its brand. However. we also included language to inform existing customers that it was still the same FastFrame they liked and trusted. We used high-quality paper, laminated surfaces, and a die-cut window to increase the perceived value and reinforce the new branding. 

Social Media

Each month, we develop a social media calendar for the franchisees to help them post relevant, engaging content. We highlight FastFrame’s best work and provide educational blog content. The corporate accounts have seen a significant increase in engagement and reach. Utilizing best practices, we can generate consistent growth in account activity and optimize to drive traffic to the website.

Here are some example posts from the social media calendar.

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