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3 Ways to Drive B2B Leads with Content Marketing

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Generating high-quality leads is essential for a good B2B marketing strategy. Establishing a strong pipeline will help you to ensure a steady growth rate for your business. One great way to do B2B lead gen is through content marketing.

What is content marketing? It’s pretty simple – it’s creating valuable content (usually in the form of blogs, articles, graphics, or videos) and leveraging it to promote your brand. It can be a cost-effective way to generate leads while also helping to build your brand and credibility.

These are three of our favorite content marketing strategies to start up your B2B lead generation:

Social Media

For B2B lead gen specifically, we would recommend focusing on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn is one of the top social media platforms for B2B marketers, so it’s a great channel for your company to be active on. To start, you can begin by posting professional and insightful content to build up your company’s brand credibility and authority. This may include industry research, quick business tips, or links to your blog posts. The goal is to be helpful to your targeted audience so that you can begin to build business relationships. B2B lead generation is not going to happen overnight, so it’s a good way to start nourishing your leads.

Facebook and Twitter should also be included in the social media channels you are active on. As users are becoming more mobile-centric, Facebook and Twitter are great channels to meet your customers where they are at. If your clients are using their phone during the buying process, then it only makes sense that you are on mobile-friendly social media channels too! Posting helpful and relevant content on these platforms is a good way to drive traffic to your website. Additionally, Twitter is a great platform to have real-time conversations with your audience (who may turn out to be potential customers). So it’s a good idea to engage with your audience and answer any questions that may be directed at you.


Blogging is the penultimate of content marketing. Essentially, it’s a strategy focused on providing insightful and informative content to your intended audience. This is critical in running an effective blogging strategy as you need to pinpoint the who in your targeting. The goal is to provide great content that will be helpful for your ideal customer persona.

Not only do your blogs drive traffic to your website (with the right SEO of course), but it also allows you to present a clear CTA within it. It’s the perfect opportunity to build credibility with your audience, so all that they have to do is click a link or button to take the intended action. Additionally, your blogs help you to stay top of mind with your current customers – which is definitely a plus.

Types of blog posts that we have seen perform well in lead generation strategies for our clients before are:

  • Posts that display your industry knowledge or authority on a subject
  • Original research topics
  • How-to’s
  • Insights backed by data


Finally, videos should definitely be incorporated in your B2B lead gen strategy. Video content is everywhere right now, and it’s no secret why. They have such a high engagement rate and can increase your conversion rates by over 80%.

Videos are a great way to tell your brand’s story from start to finish. If a buyer is in the awareness stage, then an explainer video is a great way to introduce your brand to them. But if a buyer is further along in the buying process, a how-to video might be the last little push they needed to become a loyal customer! The key to a great video is to know who your audience is and have a clear goal in mind. That way you can knock your B2B lead gen video out of the park!

Still need some help setting up your B2B lead gen strategies and not sure where to start? Reach out and we would love to plan out a B2B content marketing strategy with you!