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CareerSmart provides high-quality continuing education units to nurses, case managers and social workers. CareerSmart’s industry is highly competitive. For years, they had been using PPC to generate website traffic and conversions, but they wanted to increase the profitability of their account. They reached out to Right Left Agency for help.

Campaign Overview

To scale revenue while reducing cost-per-sale, we implemented many PPC optimizations. We made extensive edits to CareerSmart’s account and optimized their landing pages.

The account goals were successfully achieved, and results continue to improve each month.

CareerSmart Graph

After only 5 months, we increased their conversion rate by 217.98% and decreased their cost-per-sale by 56.20%.

We conducted the following optimizations:

  • Split the existing keywords into new ad groups to improve the quality score and click-through rate
  • Used the historic search terms to grow the number of ad groups for new search traffic
  • Built extensive negative keyword lists to decrease wasted ad spend
  • Structured the account and links to deliver highly-targeted ads
  • Conducted landing page testing to determine which web page they should send traffic to
  • Implemented ad scheduling to focus budget during times traffic was most likely to convert
  • Optimized bids to focus ad spend on keywords with the best cost-per-sale


As a result of these optimizations, CareerSmart has experienced consistent month-over-month improvements in revenue and impression share. Here are some other metrics we grew during the course of our management:

+ 0 %
Search-Impression Share
+ 0 %
+ 0 %
Click-Through Rate
- 0 %

Facebook Advertising

Once we increased the profitability of CareerSmart’s Adwords account, we scaled the online advertising budget to target their customers through Facebook advertising. We developed lookalike audiences from their existing customer base and targeted them with Newsfeed ads and Carousel ads. Below are the designs we developed for them.

Within the first month, we achieved a lower cost-per-conversion than the Google Adwords account, which improved the client’s profitability overall and allowed them to scale into untapped customer audiences.

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