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Black Diamond Stoneworks provides household cleaners for a variety of surfaces including tile, wood, granite and carpet. They had been using PPC to generate website traffic, but they wanted to increase brand awareness while improving profitability.

Campaign Overview

We developed a strategy to raise brand awareness and sales for Black Diamond Stoneworks. Our goal was to scale their campaigns while continuing to reduce their cost-per-acquisition (as measured by the number of coupons requested for use on Amazon). Here are some of the initial services we provided:

  • Tracking and analytics setup
  • Ad creative development
  • Custom audience setup
  • Ad A/B testing to determine optimal creative

In just 6 weeks, we decreased cost-per-click by 50% and cost-per-acquisition by 79%.

We conducted daily optimizations on the account, including:

  • Ad image testing to determine the best images
  • Ad copy testing to determine the best language
  • Development of new high-converting audiences
  • Bid optimization to serve top-performing ads

As a result of these optimizations, Black Diamond Stoneworks experienced consistent improvements in their ad spend return. Notable metrics for the first 6 weeks included:

+ 0
Potential Customers
- 0 %
Cost Per Coupon
+ 0 %
Click-Through Rate

Facebook Advertising

After A/B testing multiple ad images and copy, we scaled the online advertising budget to target a larger audience. We developed lookalike audiences from their existing customer base and targeted them with Newsfeed ads. Looking beyond their existing customers, we also researched and tested new high-converting audiences to bring greater long-term growth.

Below are some of the top-performing ad graphics we developed for them.

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Black Diamond Stoneworks