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5 Creative Ideas to Make Your Facebook Ads Pop

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You spend a lot of time working on your Facebook ads because you know the platform is a good way to reach your customer base. But, it can hard to stand out in the Facebook newsfeed — you’re competing with videos of your friend’s pets, the latest meme, photos of cute babies, and pics of yummy food… not to mention all the other hundreds of products and services trying to be seen as well!

It is possible to cut through the noise and connect with your customer, and we’ve got five creative ideas to help you make your Facebook ads pop.

1. Color Blocking

Facebook’s color scheme is blue and white, so using any other color draws the viewer’s eye. Bright colors are good since they immediately catch attention. We recommend using colors like orange, red, and green as backgrounds. Use them as a big block of color, making the impact is even greater. Here is an example of a high-performing ad we are using for an app download client of ours:


2. Image and Text Video

Video as content is where it’s at these days. If you’re not using video to get your message across, you’re missing out on a sure way to engage your audience.

Creating video may sound like an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be. Online tools like WeVideo let you create short videos using just image, text, and sound. Take advantage of stock videos and music to add even more excitement. You don’t need a professional shoot to get high-quality, engaging video content.

3. Testimonials

A positive review is the best ad you can create. Testimonials lend credibility to your product or service and give your brand a friendly face that users can connect with.

Instead of simply using a text quote, pair a very short quote with a headshot of the customer and use that as your image ad. An image, especially a close-up photos with eye contact, will catch attention in a Facebook feed and create a mindset that this testimonial comes from a real person.

Below is an example of a high-performing testimonial ad from a meal delivery service client. This works well in the desktop newsfeed.

go authentic

4. Go Authentic

Selfies or self-filmed videos from your customers or employees are solid methods to engage your audience because they show authenticity. It’s okay if the image or video was taken on an iPhone or on their laptop — the raw content is more authentic. It’s real and unedited, and that makes you stand out from other brands who may look like they’re trying too hard.

Feel free to use emojis and casual language where appropriate, as well. This tactic is especially effective for B2C brands. The below ad for Savi Bar shows the use of emojis, a non-professional photo, and casual language.


5. Use First-person

Try before you buy is a time-honored way to attract customers. The way to do that via a Facebook ad is to let your audience see themselves using the product. First-person mages or video gives your potential customer a real connection to the product because they can imagine what it would be like to use it.

Do a photoshoot where the camera is positioned in the first-person perspective using the product; once your customer has experienced using the product, there’s a greater chance that they will want it for themselves.

The image below performed well for our donut franchise client; you can imagine biting right into it!


Make Your Facebook Ads Pop

It is possible to stand out from the crowd. Use the five tips to create good Facebook ads, and you’ll catch your reader’s eye no matter what else is going on in their feed.