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3 Tips to Market a Cosmetics Ecommerce Businesses

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Cosmetics Ecommerce Businesses

Beauty is an ever-changing industry that has always been highly competitive and highly profitable. The cosmetics market is continually expanding, and consumer tastes are constantly evolving, giving small businesses the chance to rise to the top and serve their needs. 

Whether your business was initially founded as a brick and mortar or is a digital native, you need to adjust your digital marketing strategy constantly so your brand stands out from the crowd. Here are some tips your cosmetics brand can start implementing immediately to reach your goals:’

Visual Platforms

1. Take Advantage of Visual Platforms

Many doubted that people would be willing to purchase cosmetics they haven’t personally interacted with in the early days of beauty in eCommerce. We now understand that through powerful imagery, customers can feel as though they have experienced your product. The days of testing lipstick samples on the back of your hand at a department store are gone!

Makeup Video Tutorials: Beauty is more than a routine; it is a hobby and a lifestyle! The makeup tutorial video is a perfect medium for showing off your product’s qualities while also entertaining the consumer and increasing engagement. The same trendy tutorials or product features can be posted on multiple platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to maximize the potential of a single video.

YouTube: This is an excellent platform for posting and sharing video content because video traffic increases video ranking, thus boosting videos’ reach.  Post fun videos and direct your loyal customers to your channel to improve video ranking. Make sure to link your channel and website so customers can easily navigate between the two. Best of all, posting videos to YouTube is free! Our client, Pink Dust Cosmetics, has had several videos take off and earn upwards of 10k views on Youtube’s free-to-use platform. Check them out here!

Facebook Ads: Facebook and Instagram advertising are excellent for marketing cosmetics because of their creative potential. Carousel slider ads consistently perform well for our clients because they display a selection of items in an interactive way so people can shop from a selection of slides and pick the one they want to learn more about. Facebook ads is also an excellent and visual advertising platform because the targeting capabilities are so sophisticated.

Find a niche

2. Find New Niches

Someone’s style is an expression of their personality, and the beauty brands they chose are an extension of this self-expression. It can be tricky figuring out what will resonate with your customers, but sometimes, these distinct marketing opportunities reveal themselves in exciting ways. Keep your eye out for:

Best-Selling Products: Listen to your customers! When a product is popular on your website, there is something about it that customers find compelling. Put this product first on Carousels, and feature it in action in newsfeed ads. 

New Audiences: Keep your eye out for new audiences who may be interested in your product. Facebook has the option to expand your detailed targeting and let new audiences that Facebook chooses to see your ads. Another great place to discover new audiences is by investigating your current customers and testing new audiences that are similar but distinct.

Emerging Trends: Makeup trends are constantly changing and transforming. Your brand’s voice should always be consistent, but don’t be afraid of showing off your product’s versatility or your brand’s sense of humor by embracing new beauty trends in advertisements and on your social media. 

Keep customers attention

3. Keep Their Attention

Building a loyal customer base is the best way to stay competitive. It is always more cost-effective to keep a customer than to acquire a new one. Keeping your brand fresh and relevant to your audience is critical, so here are some ways to keep them engaged and loyal:

Facebook Retargeting: This is the process of identifying those who have already purchased your product or visited your site online and specifically targeting them with ads to increase loyalty. Retargeting is highly effective because it keeps your brand fresh in the consumer’s mind and can remind them of what piqued their interest, to begin with.

Email Marketing:  This is an essential part of the marketing mix, but many brands don’t realize the full potential of this strategy. Email Marketing should never be one-size-fits-all for your customers. Split your brand’s fans by customer profile, stage in the marketing funnel, and even loyalty. More personalized emails will ensure better click-through and will keep customers engaged.Build a Community: Let your social media outlets become community hubs for your customers to share their experiences and interact with your brand. Foster your social media presence by interacting with tagged posts, replying to comments, and posting regularly. This interaction will keep your brand present in the minds of customers.

Promoting beauty products online doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. If you feel like your business needs help better managing (or creating) digital advertising campaigns, let us know, and we would be happy to talk about your digital marketing strategy.