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10 Tips to Improve Adwords Profitability

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10 tips adwords

Google Adwords can help potential customers find you, but only if you’re able to put together a good Adwords campaign. Like any ad campaign, it needs to be relevant and targeted to the right audience.

And, even when you’ve created a profitable Google Adwords search campaign, there is always an opportunity for better return on investment. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to get the best ROI possible out of an Adwords campaign.

Here are 10 of our best tips and tricks to improve Adwords profitability.

1. Utilize bid adjustments

Bid adjustments allow you to bid more or less on a search based on time of day, geography, device, demographics, and more. If you’ve analyzed all the data on your target audience, you’ll know how they behave online, what they search for, and how they get to your site. You can increase your Adwords profitability by bidding more on the clicks that are more valuable to you and less on the clicks that are less likely to turn into sales.

2. Schedule your ads

Response time to a lead is extremely important: If you take too long to get back to someone, you may lose the sale. So, if your sales team is only available certain hours of the day or certain days of the week, you may want to consider only running your ads during those same hours. Otherwise, you may pay for clicks that turn into leads, only to lose them to a competitor who got in touch first.

3. Make relevant landing pages

A big part of your quality score depends on relevance. Even if you have a really kick-ass, high-converting landing page, if Google doesn’t consider it to be relevant content, you’re going to score lower on quality, which affects how you show up. Use dynamic text or multiple landing pages to show website visitors exactly what they are looking for. Use the same words the user searched in the title of your landing page, if possible, and somewhere on the page always show them the exact product or service they were searching for.

4. Use single keyword ad groups

It’s time-consuming to create more ad groups, but it’s worth it in the long run. Even different match types of the same keyword can respond very differently to the same ad or landing page. Separate keywords into their own ad groups for maximum control and relevance.

5. Use callout extensions

You can use up to four callout extensions in your Adwords ad and you should use every one of them that you can. They take up more ad real estate, increase click-through rates, and lower the cost per click. Plus, they’re a consideration in your ad rank calculation factor, which means if you use them and use them well, you may earn your ad a higher position. You can also add site links to your ad. Both these things let you highlight critical information: phone numbers, location, hours, prices, and things like free shipping or 24/7 support.

6. Get creative with your ad headlines

Like any headline, it’s got to catch a potential customer’s attention before they read the rest of the ad. Usually, putting the keyword somewhere in the headline is best. However, sometimes a crazy, out-there ad takes the win. Try language designed to get people to act or use words that are fear-inspiring (“You are Missing Out”). Go formal with your official tagline or try something casual (“Our Software is the Bomb!”). You might use numbers (like 100% or #1), but the most important thing is to NEVER stop testing!

7. Adjust for quality

Don’t just adjust your bids based on cost per lead or cost per sale. You should also be adjusting bids based on things like average order value, customer lifetime value, and lead quality. Most companies overlook these metrics – and end up generating a high volume of low-quality business. Build a feedback loop with your customer relationship management (CRM) data and optimize accordingly.

8. Conduct SEO

Improving your quality score is one of the best ways to bring down your cost per click. Conduct on-site optimization to ensure that your page keyword density is optimal, page load time is fast, and you have sufficient crawlable page content for Google.

9. Work slowly

This trick is kind of counter-intuitive, but sometimes, it’s better to work slowly. If your account is already performing well, making too many changes at once is dangerous. Implement one optimization at a time to ensure you don’t shock the account and so that you know exactly what inputs are changing your outputs.

10. Staggered lead capture

Do you have a long form for website visitors to fill out or maybe an expensive product? Build a way to capture the user’s email address before they convert, so that if you lose them, you can easily remarket to them via email and Facebook. If they are making a purchase, offer a discount for signing up for your newsletter. If they are filling out a form, ask for their email on the first section of the form so if they leave, you still can contact them.

These ten tips and tricks can help you create an outstanding Google Adwords campaign. Try them and see how they work, and if you want to know more about how we can make ad campaigns work better for you, reach out and let us know!